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As a mosaic artist, I break, split, grind, collect, assemble, integrate and unite, in order to communicate the beauty of the particular and the integrity of the whole. More enduring than paint, more organic than sculpture, mosaics are freeze-dried energy, memorials to integrity.

Every component in my work has a relationship to its neighbors, and with their neighbors, and theirs, like the expanding ripples in a pool of water, animated by the addition of a single pebble. And like the reflective patterns on water’s surface, my work breaks free. Without a reference object, my compositions remain indeterminate, which frees the viewer to see deep within or across the vast expanses of space.

I try to capture the ephemeral and ever-changing dance of light around us, but to do so with some of the most permanent and durable of materials — stone, smalti glass, minerals, and gems. Arresting delicate and fleeting experience with materials some of which were forged millions of years ago, is, on its surface, ironic but also deeply and keenly respectful as well.

Disappearance - detail
Materials used but not limited to: Quartz Crystals, Stalagmite slices, Agate slice, Pyrite pieces, Pyrite Sun, Chalcedony Rosettes Quartz with tourmaline matrix, Apatite, Slate, Limestone and Aquarium Pebbles.
24” x 26”

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