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The Space Between

The dynamism of each of my narratives is derived through contrasts: the light and the dark, the past and the present, the familiar and the unexpected.

Literally embodying this approach is the technical execution of the work itself, since I use the pencil (an instrument that is both unadorned and ancient) in my attempt to create work that is innovative, surprising, and polished.

In my rendering of the human form, the negative field (or Space Between) and the figure within are not discreet: the expression of each one helps the other express itís potential more fully. In my still life compositions, seemingly disparate objects are collected into a story that is greater than the sum of its parts.

My philosophy embraces a belief in the promise of another duality as well: that a creative process that is controlled, precise, and shaped by premeditation can produce work that is energetic, expressive, and that examines our assumptions about the familiar. My influences are wide-ranging, from architecture to archaeology to astronomy. My graphite depictions are at once allegiant to the craft of physiological exactitude and immersed in the breadth of fantastical narrative. I believe in the potential of work that blends time-honored techniques with fresh compositions.

I am a storyteller.

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