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Throughout my entire life, I have been genuinely touched by nature on a daily basis. It has been my refuge and a source of real solace to me, so it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for it to be the source that I continually come back to in my art. When looking into the eye of an animal, I find myself looking directly into the eye of the entire universe.

The transition of natural images, to nature and universal images, began to happen the more aware I became of the Beauty Way, the Navajo Way. I began to see and feel my images differently. My personal exposure to the Beauty Way was through my friends, Ted Draper and Ophelia Garcia in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. . It is a spirituality and understanding that is lived with daily. It is a life path rather than a religion. It is a life of respect and coexistence with all life. This became the thread that began to connect the images of nature on earth and the images of space that were a result of my years of involvement with NASA. The entire universe is represented and presented to us on a daily basis. We need to pay attention, take time and take care. No one knows anything for sure.

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