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Larry Schroth Selected Works
From disorder (a chaos)
Order grows -
Grows fruitful
The chaos feeds it.

William Carlos Williams


The act of painting is a form of meditation for me. My work begins with an exploration of the physical qualities of paint applied in a spontaneous manner. I paint with acrylics and latex, either on 300 lb. Arches paper or PVC panel. I have no preconceived notions about the finished image, but instead try to be alert to and support significant developments as the image matures.

My paintings have been influenced by the gestural quality and surface pentimento found in both ancient and contemporary wall graffiti, and the forms and compositional elements found in Oriental and Arabic calligraphy.

Larry Schroth - 2014

Atmospheric Disturbance
acrylic and latex on 300# Arches paper
20 x 12-5/16 inches

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