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A tree is an ever-changing organic being. It sends branches where leaves can find sunlight, and crotches form where branches grow to become secondary trunks. It has good years, but also endures dry summers; relentless prevailing winds and bursts of energy in the form of storms, push the tree’s internal structure to the limits. When a sound and complex tree reaches the end of its time – often a hundred years or more – a vertical slice of the trunk called a boule, reveals a history recorded in the outline of the trunk and in the grain and color of its wood.
While making a piece of furniture, I am very careful to allow the wood to speak its history to me so the its shape and the flow of the grain reveal to me elements of the design. This serves to celebrate the beauty of the wood and give the tree a second life. The use of conventional joinery methods enables the wood to shrink and expand throughout the seasons - continuing to live, in a sense. A feeling of harmony and symmetry comes from the simplicity of the line in my designs..
I find relationships very important to my work. Whether it’s the relationship between me and the wood, you and I, the final product and its location or the most important relationship: between you and the piece, each has its own special unique qualities that guide me as I work..
The timeless furniture I create I hope will endure for as long as the tree lived in its original form, and will continue to give as much pleasure and joy to you and to those whom come after, as it gave me in the construction. .
Each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind result of collaboration with the me. Please inquire with the Gallery for details

Wagner Server
Local Cherry
12x28x40 inches

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