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Lembrança | Elizabeth daCosta Ahern
June 22 - July 14, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, Wine and Cheese Reception, 6-8 pm
Saturday, June 23, 2007, Open House, 10-5 pm

An exhibit in the Front Room of paintings inspired by Ahern’s experience in Angola with the Art in Embassies Program sponsored by the US Department of State.

"In June 2006, I traveled to Luanda, Angola, Africa as a participant in the American artists abroad program initiated in 2002 as an extension of the United states Department of state’s art in Embassies mission.

While in Luanda, I conducted a painting workshop at the art school in Rangel, gave slide lectures on my painting process, met and talked with many artists, had a solo exhibition of my work and learned the importance of what the Angolans call — intercâmbio — cultural exchange.

When I returned to the United states and my studio, I was flooded with memories of images of the country and its people. The light in Luanda is a clear, bright, silver light sharpening the color of its painted buildings and walls as well as highlighting the textiles of its colorfully dressed people. The Atlantic is a calm soft blue.

Security was high during my stay as the country was only two years away from a war lasting thirty years. i missed a sense of freedom - the freedom to explore a new place freely and safely. one does not roam the city without an escort or photograph at will. Experiences are up close and personal.

My new work reflects these memories and experiences. The dimension of my paintings is almost square as a close up or a detail of a view, creating an isolated perspective. The space is more limited, flatter. Colors are more intense, crisper. artists draw on many sources as inspiration for their work. When planning this exhibit, I chose as the title the Portuguese word - lembrança. Portuguese is the official language of Angola and the language of my ancestors. The dictionary translates the word as remembrance, recollection, memory, memento, reminiscence, keepsake, token, or souvenir. I paint to hold the memories close."

Also featuring an installation by sculptor Jonathan Cox.

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