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6th Annual Women Helping Women Concert
"Men Helping - Women Helping Women - Helping Men"
Tickets $25

Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 7:00 PM
Opening Reception:
Houston's Dockside Emporium & Mimi's Closet invite you to a Fashion Show preceding the Concert at Carla Massoni Gallery

Informal modeling of the newest summer fashions & accessories

6pm - 7pm
Wine & Cheese

For reservations, please call the Prince Theatre, 410-810-2060 or visit their website by clicking here

Make your reservations early – the event is often SOLDOUT!

For the last six years, Dr. Maria Boria has provided free medical services in the clinic she established for migrant workers in Marydel, Maryland in 2005. The Women Helping Women Concert is proud to be a vital partner in raising funds for her efforts. In addition to her work in Marydel, Dr. Boria also volunteers her services at Townsend Memorial Medical Clinic in Rock Hall.

For fifty years, Dr. Boria has served the medical needs of women and children. She has a long and respected reputation for philanthropy. After completing her medical training, she left her home in Italy founded a women’s hospital in South India that has grown into a major medical institution. In the 1970’s, she worked at New York Medical College where she was responsible for a program that trained medical personnel to serve and promote healthcare in developing countries. She also spearheaded an effort to establish clinics to care for the poor in New York City. In 1981, Dr. Boria and her husband, Jim Berna, moved to Chestertown where she began a successful practice in obstetrics/gynecology and together they raised a son and daughter. The family has grown with a son & daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and a new baby due any day!

On April, 21, 2005, I opened the doors of the Marydel free clinic. We take care of patients every Thursday night – Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. If there is good will, we can do so much with very little. The community support has been the pillar of this adventure. And, an adventure it is for me, not knowing what usual or unusual situation I am going to meet. Timid women started coming in, not too sure of my reason for being there. Trust developed and numbers increased from three to four, then ten to fifteen a week. Slowly timid men showed up. Initially one or two a month, rather embarrassed to be surrounded by so many women. But since last year things have drastically changed and the men are there every Thursday, occasionally making up close to fifty per cent of the patients. Couples are often together and this is an excellent opportunity for discussing family life, machismo, and the need to listen to and respect the woman. This healthy evolution makes WHW a real instrument of social improvement. As we enter the 7th year of this program, lets welcome Men Helping – Women Helping Women – Helping Men!
- Love, Maria

Performers: Mary Ashley, Lester Barrett, Jr., Kate Bennett, Ben Bennington, Chris Cerino, Philip Dutton, Barbara Ferris, Lucia Foster, Sylvia Frazier, Meredith Davies Hadaway, Diane Landskroener, Ed Langrell, Beth Anne Langrell, Sue Matthews, Beth McDonald, Melissa McGlynn, Tom McHugh, Bob Ortiz, Pam Ortiz, Rebecca Pitre, John Schratweiser, Karen Somerville

Women Helping Women is a private account created solely for the collection of funds for this event.

100% of all donations and 90% of the cost of your ticket will be used by Dr. Boria to cover the expenses of the clinic. 10% will be donated to The Prince Theatre Foundation’s Playmakers’ Education Fund. All other expenses are underwritten by private donations. If you are unable to attend, please consider a donation.

The Women Helping Women Concert is proud to be a vital partner in raising funds for Dr. Maria Boria’s Free Clinic in Marydel.

Make your checks payable to: Women Helping Women. 203 High Street, Unit 2, Chestertown, MD21620

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