Michael Kahn

The seashore is enchanting place where sounds of crashing waves fill our ears and low slanting sunlight illuminates the wind blown spray off the rolling waves.

Vicco von Voss

A tree is an ever-changing organic being. It sends branches where leaves can find sunlight, and crotches form where branches grow to become secondary trunks.

Kenneth Schiano

To paint is an easy and joyously messy task; it’s a pastime enjoyed by many. To create a painting is more taxing, and is accomplished by very few.

Celia Pearson

While I love the beauty I witness all around me, I am as compelled by something I cannot see as much as that which I can see.

Greg Mort

Widely recognized as a renowned contemporary realist, Greg Mort’s art is included in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Delaware Art Museum, the Corcoran Museum of Art, the Portland Art Museum and many more.

Claire McArdle

As the figures emerge from the material there is a representation of the feminine archetype and a sensuousness that both females and marble share.

Anne Leighton Massoni

The act of remembering is what currently drives my work. To visually navigate the stories in my mind… to remember stories that may not exist, to imagine stories not yet told.

Joe Karlik

Joe Karlik’s inspirations translate into art in many media: oils, collage, wood, found objects, photography and mixed media. His art, like nature, provides a full range of textures.

Karen Hubacher

As a painter I work outside the logical confines of language. I try to describe intangible realities for which there are no words.

Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern

Painting for me is as essential as breathing, a necessity and a delight. Ideas for painting come from a compelling desire to shape and to abstract my experiences in nature, culture and life.