Mike Pugh

Current Exhibits There are no upcoming events.     Past Exhibits Feb10Art + Architecture.2at Cross Street   The Potter, Mike Pugh, was trained in the North Carolina Tradition. He’s a ...

Julia Weber Yensho

Joe Karlik’s inspirations translate into art in many media: oils, collage, wood, found objects, photography and mixed media. His art, like nature, provides a full range of textures.

Rochelle Toner

Joe Karlik’s inspirations translate into art in many media: oils, collage, wood, found objects, photography and mixed media. His art, like nature, provides a full range of textures.

Leslie Grigsby

Leslie’s works variously are inspired by science fiction, science fact, art history and/or Nature. They are included in private or institutional collections in the United States, Canada and Australia and ...

Rosemary Cooley

World travel and love of Art History both inform Cooley’s art. Primarily a printmaker, she is also a painter, who draws on her life in Shanghai, China, where she studied ...

Rhoda Kahler

no images were found “ Mono no aware o shiru” is a Japanese phrase written by an unknown artist which means, “to understand and indulge in the emotional appeal of ...

Wendy Prellwitz

A connection to the infinite, unknowable beyond is implicit in Wendy’s abstracted paintings & prints, inspired by water’s motion & light. She has exhibited in New England, Long Island & ...

Takashi Ichihara

Current Exhibits There are no upcoming events.     Past Exhibits Nov302021 Holiday ExhibitionFeb10February Feature – Deborah T. Colter   Takashi and his wife Terry met at a wood fired ...

Peter Guttmacher

Collaboration with Kathryn O'Grady Current Exhibits There are no upcoming events.     Past Exhibits There are no upcoming events.   ARTIST STATEMENT -- FINDING LIGHT Hard to say when ...

Jason Patterson

Current Exhibits There are no upcoming events.     Past Exhibits May14Finding Light .1 | Gallery Artists   Jason Patterson’s work focuses on African American history and highlights the role ...

Rick Bisgyer

Sometimes I wonder if Agnes Martin was right when she said visual art cannot, and should not, be explained in words.

Kathryn O’Grady

My work is fueled by a lifelong obsession with color and awe at the monstrous complexity of the natural world. For the last two decades, I have lived and painted in rural Maryland. I am in love with the weather, the crops, the light, the dirt, the weeds.

Susan Goldman

I’m playing with what can happen inside and outside variations on themes as they continue to reconfigure over time.

Simma Liebman

Inspired by design patterns – visible regularities of form – symmetries, spirals, waves, foams, cracks, circles, stripes – I search for unique forms within the natural world. After capturing these forms/patterns in photographs, I discover engaging abstract compositions that “speak” to me.

Deborah Weiss

The exchange between terrain, climate, temperature and the elements is constant: sometimes consistent and often times transforming by the moment.

James Tatum

His landscape paintings begin en plein air with a series of drawings, watercolours and acrylics, and are completed in his studio in Exeter

Katherine Kerr Allen

Current Exhibits There are no upcoming events.       Past Exhibits Apr5BEGINNINGSJul21Summer Gallery Artists Exhibition     My studio sits by a creek at the edge of the Chesapeake ...

Darlys Ewoldt

Growing up in rural Iowa, Darlys Ewoldt felt compelled to draw and make things from a variety of materials. She was introduced to using metals as a medium at Drake …

Leigh Wen

What is water did Bloom, water lover, drawer of water, water carrier returning to the range, admire?….. Its universality… its unplumbed profundity…. the restlessness of its waves and surface particles… …

Beverly Ress

My work is an ongoing visual investigation of mortality. I draw carefully observed representations of things that have wandered off this mortal coil – birds, plants, bugs, and animals. Each …

Mary Pritchard

My work is based on two keys elements, the nature of the pastel medium and the subject matter that has the greatest appeal to me–the rural landscape. I respond emotionally …

Linda Richards

Throughout my entire life, I have been genuinely touched by nature on a daily basis. It has been my refuge and a source of real solace to me, so it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for it to be the source that I continually come back to in my art.

Carol Rowan

I found shelter in Jackson Pollack’s paintings as a teenager. Then began my regular visitations to the Vermeer’s at the Met. Now, 30 years later, I find deep peace in …

John Ruppert

Over the past 35years, John Ruppert has been working in cast metals; manufactured materials such as chain-link fabric; mixed media; and more recently, video, digital 3D printing and digital composite …

Rebecca Saylor Sack

I mine anxieties of the corporeal body through the liquidity of paint. I am deeply fascinated by the ever-changing processes of growth and decay visible in our environment—of our own …

Eve Stockton

Like artists through the ages, I make nature-based art. How does one capture the evanescent clouds, the light through the trees or the bursting forth of new life?

Cynthia Burke

The diversity of the natural world yields a never-ending supply of subjects for my paintings, however I never place my subjects in their natural environment. It seems far more interesting …

Elizabeth Casqueiro

“Art for me is a search for the self in the fragile and interconnected space between human existence and the world that sustains us, between that which we fabricate and that which is purely organic. Ultimately, I hope that many years from now others will look at my art and decide that my generation was, after all, aware and concerned about this place we call home.”

Blake M. Conroy

Blake Conroy creates drawings about nature and human perception. He laser-cuts paper and metal, making marks whose appearance changes subtly as the light of day progresses from morning to evening, and then into the artificial light of nighttime.

Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman documents climate change with pastel drawings. She travels to remote regions of the world to collect images and inspiration for her work, which is exhibited worldwide. She has …

Heidi Fowler

Heidi Fowler’s work examines man’s relationship with the environment. Her artwork combines everyday objects such as junk mail, plastic bottle caps, and old magazine pages with traditional art materials.

Susan Hostetler

After earning her fine arts degree in painting, Susan Hostetler added hand papermaking as a skill with awards from the Russell Siebert and Tiffany Foundations to study with Twinrocker Handmade Paper in Indiana, where she made custom papers for artists such as Rauschenberg, Warhol and Jasper John

Emily Kalwaitis

I am interested in that which is half-hidden and mysterious. I’m drawn to subtle emotional states, barely perceivable, fleeting and unsubstantial. I’m drawn to things that fade. My most recent …

Rebecca Kamen

As an artist (and novice anthropologist), the activity of travel, exploring the cultural and geographical array offered by new and unique places, thoroughly influences both my art and my life. …

Susan Kerns

Botanical subjects are an inspiration for me whether in the form of landscape or individual plants. I see them as architectural structures revealed by light. I seek the universal truth …

Elizabeth MacDonald

Through clay, I express my connection to the natural world. Each work speaks to the process of change, whether through the appearance of age or the spontaneity of gesture. Lured …

Jon Mort

Millennial artist Jon Mort is widely recognized for his startlingly realistic colored pencil and large-scale graphite images and is also a highly sought-after portrait artist.

Marc Castelli

There is a deep and profound magic in the light carried by the wind on the water. It insinuates itself in certain people that will respond to water no matter where they are.

Michael Kahn

The seashore is enchanting place where sounds of crashing waves fill our ears and low slanting sunlight illuminates the wind blown spray off the rolling waves.

Vicco von Voss

A tree is an ever-changing organic being. It sends branches where leaves can find sunlight, and crotches form where branches grow to become secondary trunks.

Kenneth Schiano

To paint is an easy and joyously messy task; it’s a pastime enjoyed by many. To create a painting is more taxing, and is accomplished by very few.

Celia Pearson

While I love the beauty I witness all around me, I am as compelled by something I cannot see as much as that which I can see.

Greg Mort

Widely recognized as a renowned contemporary realist, Greg Mort’s art is included in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Delaware Art Museum, the Corcoran Museum of Art, the Portland Art Museum and many more.

Claire McArdle

As the figures emerge from the material there is a representation of the feminine archetype and a sensuousness that both females and marble share.

Joe Karlik

Joe Karlik’s inspirations translate into art in many media: oils, collage, wood, found objects, photography and mixed media. His art, like nature, provides a full range of textures.

Karen Hubacher

As a painter I work outside the logical confines of language. I try to describe intangible realities for which there are no words.