Marc Castelli | working portraits / watermen.2

June 16 – July 8, 2023

Saturday, June 17, Open House 10am – 5pm Marc Castelli Artist Talk – 12 noon

In the MassoniArt Cross Street Gallery @ 113 South Cross Street, Chestertown, Maryland

Encompassing only three weeks, this special exhibition features the second in a series of Castelli’s portraits of watermen. These are not generic images or archetypes but portrayals of real people Castelli feels privileged to know. When discussing the genesis of the project Castelli shared, “painting such personal images of them is unnerving. In some instances, the focus is solely on the face with the weathered lines of their lives streaming from the eyes. Some call those lines ‘crow’s feet’ I liken them to a map of every creek, river, gut, thurfer, cove, and bay these men have worked as they harvest crabs, fish, eels, oysters and turtles.”