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I have always been guided by an abiding trust in my intuitive responses, a strong sense of design, and a desire to see beyond the surface. 

As I am photographing, I am often drawn closer and closer to my subjects. It seems to satisfy my hunger to fully experience whatever visual feast is in front of me. Part of my experience is of something energetic as well as of the physical. It is as though, in the intimacy of the close view, whatever is before me comes alive and I am privileged with a glimpse into the unseen. 

My intuitive responses are always a part of my process. They guide my choices of what to photograph, how to compose, and when to press the shutter release. I believe that we are all intuitive by nature, have gut feelings, innate wisdom. I believe, too, that if we can be quiet enough to be open to it, there is something energetic that we can tap into, some creative juice that is outside of us and flows through us, transforming into an inner knowing. This happens to me when I am photographing, plays a significant role in my pursuit of artistic excellence, and is a delicious pleasure besides.

An image is, by definition, a visible impression. These images, of course, are singularly my own impressions. I believe every one of us has a unique voice that adds to the human song. I am glad to be part of the choir.