Katherine Cox

Current Exhibits

Past Exhibits

The act of laying graphite down onto paper is personal, intimate and immediate. It is just me, the pencil and the paper.  When I put pencil to paper there is no disguise, no veneer. There are no trappings. The clatter and clutter of life is distilled into a quiet simplicity the moment the graphite marks the paper. Water, sticks, rocks, trees and skies are the subject matter of my current work. Drawing these basic natural objects through intense and close observation quiets me and connects me to both the grandeur and frailty of life. Graphite is my primary tool. Yet, paper is integral to the image, not simply the surface which holds the image. The paper and the marks on the paper synthesize, yielding a single seamless result. I use varieties of papers to achieve different tones and textures, often making my own paper in order to provide a perfect fit with the image.