Cynthia Burke

The diversity of the natural world yields a never-ending supply of subjects for my paintings, however I never place my subjects in their natural environment. It seems far more interesting to give them a little of ours. The result is sometimes humorous and, I hope, often thought provoking. I often use the style of a formal portrait. There is a dignity in the portrait form that seems appropriate. Often my subjects appear “caught in the act” by the viewer. What really goes on in the mind of any animal we will never really know. So the accessories I put in my paintings which seem to take them into our world sometimes point to just the opposite, how truly they will never be of our world, they will always be dignified and aloof.

The Art of the 15th and 16th centuries is a gold mine of inspiration for me as well as the lithographs of the early Naturalists. I am also drawn to textiles and often have back grounds resembling rich fabrics.

My work has been collected and shown primarily in the Washington, Virginia and Maryland area.