Marcy Dunn Ramsey

Current Exhibits

Past Exhibits

This current work is a further exploration into the relationship between the natural world and the human psyche. The eloquent gestures of looping, twisted reeds, the intersections in a stand of marsh grass, the staccato shapes of dark and light stalks, or the muted forms of submerged leaves communicate a resonance within us through a lyrical language of signs. The grace of these simple phenomena is fleeting yet leaves its mark, igniting in us a kinship and exhilaration that is wonderful in the true sense of that word. The sky enters largely into these pieces as well, acting in role of light-giver. In its mirror image, we see the world upside-down, and the potential for disorientation can bring about new revelations of strength and fragility. From this point of view, our lives take on the qualities of these ephemera; faint tracings on the surface of mystery. The challenge is to be receptive to the message of interconnectedness, which is also a message of hope.