Featured Artists

Heidi Fowler, Blake Conroy, Grace Mitchell, Kenneth Schiano, Simma Liebman, Katherine Cox, Eve Stockton, Takashi Ichihara, Kathryn O’Grady, Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern, James Tatum, Elizabeth Casqueiro, Zemma Mastin White, Celia Pearson, Catherine Kernan, Lisa Lebofsky, Michael Kahn, Emily Kalwaitis, Rick Bisgyer, Deborah Weiss, Vicco von Voss, Claire McArdle, Shelley Robzen, Mary Anne Turley-Emett.

Gallery hours: Gallery open by Appointment Only. Please email info@MASSONIART.com or call Carla Massoni at 410-778-7330 or text 410-708-4512 to schedule. Friday & Saturday 11-3 are our preferred times. (Exceptions may be made to suit your schedule.)

Masks are required. Visits are limited to one party at a time.

For your safety and convenience (and for the first time!) we are simultaneously offering many of the Elemental exhibit pieces for purchase in our online shop. Visit the Elemental Shop now by clicking here.

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Exhibit By Artist


Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern


Elizabeth Casqueiro



Blake M. Conroy


Katherine Cox


Heidi Fowler


Takashi Ichihara


Michael Kahn


Emily Kalwaitis


Catherine Kernan


Lisa Lebofsky


Simma Liebman


Claire McArdle


Grace Mitchell


Kathryn O’Grady


Celia Pearson


Shelley Robzen


Kenneth Schiano


Eve Stockton


James Tatum


Mary Anne Turley-Emett


Vicco von Voss


Zemma Mastin White


Deborah Weiss


Justinian Dispenza – Andover Media

Francoise Sullivan – Moo Productions