Kathryn O’Grady

My work is fueled by a lifelong obsession with color and awe at the monstrous complexity of the natural world. For the last two decades, I have lived and painted in rural Maryland. I am in love with the weather, the crops, the light, the dirt, the weeds. I am especially interested in the places where people’s plans for the landscape collide with the riot of life that is there to begin with. Plants have an agenda of their own. I like the silliness, the frailty, the vanity of the human marks. I like the tornado of forces at work in living things. There is so much more going on than we can say.

Anne Arundel County has been planting all sorts of young trees along roads and crop fields as part of a reforestation project. The results are beautiful and strange. There is an odd interleaving of time frames, scale, and purpose. Wild saplings in the woods have very much the same look of being alien. I love their fragile, funny lines and their tenacity.