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  1. a repeated decorative design.
  2. a recurrent way of acting by an individual

Two definitions of the word, one visual, one behavioral. My current work seeks to encompass both.

 Inspired by design patterns – visible regularities of form – symmetries, spirals, waves, foams, cracks, circles, stripes – I search for unique forms within the natural world. After capturing these forms/patterns in photographs, I discover engaging abstract compositions that “speak” to me.

These new “patterns” become paintings. Observing the finished work, I sense a recurring pattern of calm – an orderly format, muted/transparent color, quiet…much like me.


With a BA in Fine Arts from GWU and the Corcoran School of Art in 1968, Simma enjoyed a career in commercial design, advertising and animation until 1988 when she turned to a new career in abstract painting. After working daily in a light-filled room at the 125-year-old Jackson Art Center building in Washington DC, she now paints on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where the light, landscape and water provide exceptional motivation. Her work is included in private and corporate collections.