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ON LIMINAL SPACE and watershed moment

The marsh is a liminal space, the space between land and water. It’s a transitional space,  Ambiguous, changing with the tides, betwixt and between. The marsh is an edge, a meandering border, mushy if you will, neither entirely solid nor liquid. It’s a place where one way is changing into another and you have to be careful where you step!

Marshes are fertile, full of life and potential, breeding grounds. There’s a beauty and a mysterious quality there which has inspired painters and poets over time but has often also inspired a vague sense of portent in humans who looked askance at these liminal spaces, calling them dank, dismal, unhealthy, haunted, wasteland. Something resonates, somehow connects with our human lives perhaps, the potential and the portent. Particularly at this point in our history, this transitional time, this watershed moment as we stand on the brink of enormous changes to come, the liminal space portrays a mood and sends a message.