Rebecca Saylor Sack

I mine anxieties of the corporeal body through the liquidity of paint. I am deeply fascinated by the ever-changing processes of growth and decay visible in our environment—of our own body and the landscape surrounding us. Much of my imagery is gleaned from observation, whether painted directly from life in the studio or through the accumulation of drawings made while walking.

My paintings are inspired by the tradition of the vanitas still life, and draw from narratives of speculative fantasy and science fiction. I paint from life, assembling structures in the studio created from bone and flora. These forms are chosen for their personal connection resonance; flowers I have cultivated and bones I have collected.

Material and color are invoked for their visceral ability to create sensations of seduction and repulsion. Brilliant reds radiate against sallow hues, while thick strokes of dense creamy paint rupture luminous transparent passages. The insistence upon materiality heightens a sense of disorientation and the hallucinatory. In this manner, the works court the extremities of stability and riot, growth and decay.