Rochelle Toner

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Past Exhibits

My work grows out of a fascination with the dynamics of nature and the way in which I see human interaction mirrored in the natural world. I am interested in the unconscious and the tensions created by natural forces that individuals have little control over. I refer to these social, sexual and gender dynamics as Nature, Pleasure and Innuendo, and Nature: Ebb and Flow, which I use as collective titles for my work. I explore these tensions and interactions through variously abstract forms, patterns, textures and colors. Through a process of drawing and discovery I look for images that have the power of mystery and illusion. The drawings explore the juncture between abstraction and representation, the point at which a referent may be felt in the work without the intrusion of the literal. The work is relatively small and is intended for close viewing. The work is meant to be contemplative and intimate.

I was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. I taught and was the Dean of Tyler School of Art and Architecture/Temple University. I divide my time between Philadelphia and Rock Hall, Md.