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Like artists through the ages, I make nature-based art. How does one capture the evanescent clouds, the light through the trees or the bursting forth of new life? My large-scale print images are an attempt to explore and express just such phenomena.

My woodcuts are a distillation of the natural world observed and the primordial world imagined. The prints often evoke landscapes as well as cellular activity. My standard 3’ x 3’ format allows me the flexibility to use the prints modularly as in 6’ x 9’ Ensemble: Clouds & Zumscapes. The presentation of prints in groupings helps me to explore themes such as variation and evolution.

Once a registered architect, I now focus on large-scale, woodcut prints. My artwork has been regularly featured on the cover of Nature Genetics Magazine. My prints are in museum, corporate, university, hospital and private collections. I live with my husband in Alexandria, VA and have a summer studio on the tip of Nova Scotia.