Minary’s Dream Alliance

A little history…

MINARY’S DREAM ALLIANCE was founded by Doncella Wilson. The unique name “MINARY” is to pay homage to the many women who worked along Kent Narrows and the Chesapeake Bay as part of the seafood processing industry and, specifically, Doncella’s grandmothers, Minnie and Mary. These women worked hard and provided a much-needed increase in food supply and capital for the region. Nonetheless, they did not receive reasonable compensation nor accommodations for these efforts. They often lived in one-room, derelict “shanties” with limited indoor plumbing. What these women demonstrated was resiliency, strength, and dedication to providing for their families. The dream is now to honor their hard work by continuing a compassionate legacy of community advocacy.

Paul Tue, co-founder of MINARY’S DREAM ALLIANCE, provided the inspiration, energy, and commitment for the Kent County Youth and Elderly Food Program, created in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When he and Doncella walked into the American Legion building for the first time, they immediately recognized the potential that this facility offered.

Great need calls for greater action…

Founded on May 26, 2020 as a response to the many needs of youth and families in Kent County, MINARY’S DREAM ALLIANCE exists to provide opportunities for mentoring, tutoring, vocational training, and college readiness. MDA offers families and youth a safe, welcoming environment where they feel comfortable, not intimidated, and accepted for who they are.  

A big win for little Minary…

MDA was awarded the Adolescent Clubhouse (AC) Grant through grantor agency Mid-Shore Behavioral Health, Inc. (MSBH). As the opioid crisis continues to penetrate our communities, MDA is hopeful this resource will provide families an additional layer of support for those affected by substance use disorder.

The Adolescent Clubhouse (AC) model “ is a service to enhance the availability of recovery-oriented services to better address the needs of youth (12-17) impacted by, affected by, or diagnosed with an opioid use disorder (OUD) as well as their families. These efforts are also aimed to decrease future opioid-related deaths in the population. Services include SUD education, self-care, and social skills development, peer recovery support, age and developmentally appropriate recovery support groups, resource linkage, recovery-related workshops, and family engagement events.

But these services and programs need a home.

Finding a home…

MDA will be unique among local social service nonprofits by using its facility to attract and facilitate the  delivery of services to the target population with our own programming and through community collaborations  The vacant American Legion property in Chestertown sits waterfront along the Chester River, offers a large  hall and meeting space with a stage, a commercial kitchen, a camping area, several acres of field for  sports and other outdoor activities. MDA will be focused on a specific population but open to everyone.  There is no other public facility in Kent County that can offer all these opportunities at a reasonable cost. 

Due to the generosity of an anonymous Angel Donor who has offered a staged matching grant up to $500,000 toward the purchase of the property and building endowment Minary’s dream can become a possibility. With this pledge, MDA has negotiated a Letter of Intent to initially lease and then purchase the property. Income from the Feed the Children and Elderly program of the Social Action Committee for Racial Justice as well as the award of a $500,000 Club House grant from Mid-Shore Behavioral Health, Inc. will provide operating funds and rent while a capital campaign is conducted to raise the additional funds to purchase the building.

Ongoing operations of MDA will be funded from state and local grants, partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, rental of the facility, and fundraising.

How you can help…

Please consider making a donation to MINARY’S DREAM ALLIANCE capital campaign. Any amount is appreciated. Donations can me made on the MINARY’S DREAM ALLIANCE website at https://minarysdreamalliance.org/ or mail your donation made payable to “Minary’s Dream Alliance” to P. O. Box 35, Denton, MD 21629.

Please contact me (email info@MASSONIART.com or text 410-708-4512) if you would like to receive a copy of their business plan or to schedule a tour of the American Legion building with Doncella and Paul.

“This is the first Adolescent Clubhouse to be implemented on the Eastern Shore.
The American Legion property will become a home-away-from-home for youth and families
and the opportunities and programs we will bring to them.
Families will have access to the waterways to fish and kayak, they will be able to garden,
cook and camp together, all in a safe and peaceful environment.”

– Doncella Wilson


“Having the opportunity to start an Adolescent Youth Clubhouse is awesome.
We are trailblazers on the Eastern Shore as this the first one. The team is excited to get started.”

-Paul L.A. Tue III