Vicco von Voss

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The essence of my work is in relationships: My spiritual connection to trees, my understanding of the nature of wood, my collaborative partnership with my clients, and my unique creative process with each piece, all reflect my vision and mission as an artist.

When I look at a tree, I see beyond its outer form. I see an ever-changing, living being, with a divine nature- a soul. Its cells breathe, its limbs continually reach towards the light, and in a act of gratitude and grace, vibrant colors are reflected back to the heavens during seasonal cycles.

Within the “fabric of its being”, each tree tells its own story. Beneath the surface of the bark are multiple layers that show a history recorded in the outline of the grain and color of the wood. Many factors such as weather and adjacent trees greatly influence the grain patterns that are exposed when the slab of wood is cut open. When making a piece of furniture, it is my honor to listen to what the tree is speaking, allowing its form and lines to guide me as I shape and sculpt it into a functional object. In this way, I feel the tree’s first life is celebrated in the new form that I am giving it.

My work is also strongly influenced by the collaborative relationship with my clients. When designing, I carefully consider the wishes, needs, and personal style of the individuals. It is of utmost importance that my pieces are seamless with the existing décor in the space where they will reside. While visiting my client’s home, I visualize the finished product in its appropriate place. My intention is to create a piece that reflects both personal esthetic, and timelessness- fitting today, tomorrow and yesterday.

My relationship with my work is as dynamic as the medium I use, and the clients who commission it. As each of my one-of-a-kind piece evolves, new design challenges emerge, and my skill as a craftsman is continually pushed into new dimensions. While combining traditional joinery methods, and contemporary design elements, I aim to create elegant, harmonious and sensual pieces whose beauty and quality will last as long as it took the tree from which they came to grow.